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I am a coach for women who are ready to take back their power from food, break the diet cycle, and love the bodies they’re in - without the sacrifice.

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This podcast was created to help listeners change their mind about traditional diets and traditional ways of living. 


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It’s my mission to bring intuitive eating, food freedom, and body confidence to every single woman. I offer a free coaching session to help you jumpstart your journey. 


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Hey, I'm Justine


My mission is to empower women to love their bodies through intuitive eating so they never have to feel guilty for eating the foods they love.

I do that through my podcast, coaching, courses, and books.

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That's why I offer a free 30-minute coaching call. Let me help you jumpstart your journey. 

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"Every time I came to Justine with what I thought was a huge problem she would debunk societal norms and talk me through how to get over that thought process.

She made herself available whenever I needed to talk something out from an event that happened in my day or emotions that would come up during this process.

I broke down so many walls of mindset habits I’d had for years! There’s no better feeling than working toward something that you thought you could never “fix” about yourself.

She’s so easy and fun to work with! Life/mindset coaching can be scary when you’ve never done it before because you don’t know what to expect but it was the best decision I’d made because of the mental space I was in at the time.

There’s no way to know how it could change your life if you don’t just start! "


Anonymous Client

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